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If you need to install new outlets, upgrade your current outlets, or simply replace your outlets, it is important to call a professional. Working with any electrical installations can be dangerous or even deadly. Affordable Service Professionals can assist you with your outlet installations at an affordable rate. Our service professionals are Affordable and offer quality service.

Standard Outlet Installation or Replacement
If you own an older house, your electrical system may be in need of maintenance or even upgrades. Bad wiring or incorrectly outlet installation can be a fire hazard, putting you and your family at risk.

Our service professionals are fully licensed and insured, and will come out to your home to provide quality outlet replacement, outlet upgrades, and outlet installations at affordable rates

Let us do the heavy lifting and ensure the job is done safely and correctly.
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GFCI Outlet Install
Do you want to ensure your family is safe from electrocution when using appliances in wet areas like the bathroom or kitchen? If so, ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets are imperative.

A GFCI outlet, looks like a normal outlet, but the plugs are square and have two buttons on them. These outlets monitor the amount of current flowing through them, and if there is an imbalance, it trips the circuit and immediately shuts off the power to theĀ  outlet. To start the power again, you simply push the button on the outlet. A GFCI install is an easy way to add safety to your daily use of electronic appliances.

At Affordable Service Professionals, our contractors are fully trained on how to do a GFCI install. We ensure that these GFCI outlets are installed safely and properly by testing them before the install is complete.

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220v Outlet InstallĀ  & Dryer Outlet Install
Dryer outlets or cable outlets are quite different from standard outlets and run at a much higher 200 volts. It is important that these 220v outlets are installed properly, or you can ruin your dryer and put your family at risk.
To install cable outlets, it is imperative that you contact an electrical contractor to ensure that the outlet is installed safely and properly. Our service professionals are well trained for outlet installation, and can come to your home to safely install these 220 outlets.
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