Light Fixture and Light Installation Services

Looking to freshen up your room with a new light fixture? Or are you just trying to brighten your home with more light?
As your Affordable Service Professionals we are always looking to save you money! With our affordable lighting installation services, we help you make the best of your new lighting investment.

Go GREEN and Save Money: LED Lighting Installation
Did you know that the standard Incandescent light bulb uses 50 watts of energy, while an LED light consumes 6? By simply switching to LED lights, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 6 tons! That is equivalent to 700 gallons of gasoline! In addition, while incandescent bulbs need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months, LED bulbs can last between 5 - 15 years. By getting LED light fixtures installed, you not only help reduce our need on fossil fuels, you reduce your energy bill, and the need to continuously

Learn about carbon emissions and calculate your own carbon footprint at PE International

Lighting Design and Light Fixture Installation
Have you noticed when you're at work, it seems that you look pale and washed out? That's because the overhead lights. Many of us don't understand how important lighting design can be, or how it can affect how we look or how our homes look. Proper lighting can bring drama to a room, or perfectly highlight your home at night.

Whether you want to ensure that you look your best when you host those neighborhood pot-lucks, or simply want to bring drama and accentuate a room in your house, our team of design specialists can help you choose the right light fixture and assist you with the lighting installation.

So go ahead, save money, energy, and make your home more beautiful.
Our lighting installation services include:
  • Light Design Services
  • Ceiling Light Installation
  • LED Light Installation
  • Light Bulb Replacements
  • Light Fixture Installation
  • Light Bar Installation
  • Outdoor Light Installation
  • Can Light Installation
  • Rope Light Installation
  • Under Cabinet Light Installation
  • Fluorescent Light Installation
  • Track Light Installation
  • Spot Light Installation
  • More

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